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An Alternative Investment House

We connect accredited individuals (YOU) and institutional investors to the largest segment of the financial markets. The mortgage market.1

Be the bank and make your money work for you.

Be the bank

At YellowFi we understand that without the investor there is no Investment. Your money should enable investment opportunities. Your returns should seek predictability . Be the bank and make your money work for you.

Conservative and Innovative

YellowFi is the new way of being conservative. Fixed income products attempting to anticipate target returns. Innovative enough to make us invest where others normally won’t.

YellowFi in numbers 2

  • Over

    U$ 400M

    in real estate originations

  • More than


    properties financed

  • A historical average return of


    or more


A seasoned team with best in class professionals, ready to take care of your investment with a conservative mindset and steady returns.

  • George Zac Zac

    George Zac Zac

    Founder and CEO, 25 years of experience
    Dubai equity partners
    Boston University, Harvard Business School OPM

  • Tyler Piercy

    Tyler Piercy

    Founder and CFO, 30 years of experience
    CFO of RoundPoint Financial Group
    University of Central Florida, Crummer School of Business at Rollins College

  • Rafael Benavente

    Rafael Benavente

    Portfolio Manager, 27 years of experience
    Citibank special situations (proprietary trading)
    Loyola University

  • Leo Paiva

    Leo Paiva

    Head of originations, 27 years of experience
    EA Electronics
    Mesa College

  • Cassio Segura

    Cassio Segura

    EVP Institutional Sales, 30 years of experience
    Banco do Brasil Americas
    University of Chicago

  • Nando Saad

    Nando Saad

    SVP Sales, 30 years of experience 
    FS Advisors 
    FIAM - São Paulo

Associate Team

  • Annakarina Orizondo

    Annakarina Orizondo

    Executive Assistant

  • Jennifer Rocha

    Jennifer Rocha


  • Jenny Ruiz

    Jenny Ruiz


  • Miguel Dupleich

    Miguel Dupleich


  • Patricia Jimenez

    Patricia Jimenez


  • Glennys Lores

    Glennys Lores

    Post Closing

  • Jorge Avila

    Jorge Avila

    Senior Loan Officer

  • Adyari Avila

    Adyari Avila


  • Liana Cabrera

    Liana Cabrera

    Loss Mitigation

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