YellowFi, one of the top U.S. Southeast region’s private residential lenders for the Non-Qualified Mortgage (non-QM) segment, has deployed more than $400M dollars to real estate and credit markets over the last 10 years. The funds have fueled the $265B non-QM loans market.

Previously known as Bright Capital, YellowFi began its operations in 2010 in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis when traditional lenders shied away from high risk borrowers. Borrowers who didn’t satisfy the requirements of a Qualified Mortgage such as self-employed individuals, individuals with a high debt-to-income ratio, a low FICO score, or foreign nationals, didn’t have many options. In tandem, national and foreign investors were seeking opportunities in the then, decaying real estate market.

During these ten years, Miami-based YellowFi’s founders George Zac Zac and Tyler Piercy combined their diverse experience to gradually and consistently grow the company by providing better and more transparent mortgage products to a largely underserved and credit deprived market.

George has a proven track record as a serial entrepreneur. He’s built and grown multiple companies in diverse industries — from franchise restaurants to technology early internet ventures, always keeping close to the real estate market as it impacted the businesses he was involved in.

Tyler brings extensive knowledge of the financial private equity industry, with his last experience being at RoundPoint Financial, one of the largest non-bank mortgage servicing companies in the U.S. 

YellowFi seeks to deploy $1B in the real estate and credit market by 2022. Today, the company employs 18 professionals, works with investors in several countries and has positively impacted more than 2,000 individuals or companies.