YellowFi, in partnership with the If You Foundation, an organization that works toward restoring people’s hope through diverse social programs, supported a project to help 600 public school students in Central and South Florida get their basic school materials in time for the start of the new school year.

Back-to-school materials are costly and this year, families are spending more. On average, shoppers are spending $1,053 per household on school supplies, up $200 from last year, according to a recent survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers . The increase is due to higher spending on electronics and furniture to create or adapt new in-home learning environments.

“We wanted to lend a hand. So many families and teachers struggle each year to get the necessary school supplies to their children, and this year, we knew it’d be more difficult,” said Cassio Segura, EVP Institutional Sales of YellowFi. "We were impressed by the work that the If You Foundation does and the many lives they positively impact, and are proud to have partnered with them in this endeavour.”

The If You Foundation is present in 8 cities, has 14 active causes, works with 950 volunteers and has helped more than 25K families. Find out more about the If You Foundation here: